Reduce your taxes, save money, and build your wealth

Fight Back tax book

Do you want to keep more money in your back pocket by paying less tax to the government? Do you find most tax guides overwhelming and provide a lot of tax “stuff” you can’t use? Get ready to discover simple to use, easy to understand tax-saving strategies that’ll kickstart your savings into overdrive.

Three things in life or certain: death, taxes, and that are almost everyone overpays their taxes. (Even the IRS says that 70 to 80% of all taxpayers overpay) don't be one of them. Instead, fight back.

Did you know that by reducing your income and Social Security taxes by 10% each year and then investing your savings at 4%, you can reduce your tax burden by more than 40% over your work and retirement years? It’s true! And it's just one of the expert tax tips you will learn in Fight Back: Successful Income Tax-Saving Tips and Strategies to Keep More of Your Own Money.

This quick guide pays big dividends!

  • Discover many (but certainly not all) of the legal ways to minimize your taxes each year
  • Be able to follow step by step action plans to achieve your tax-savings goals
  • Learn how tax planning will help you in other areas such as the devastating financial and personal cost of long-term care
  • Identify which of the common tax strategies will work best for you

Are you convinced that you pay too much tax? Do you complain about how much tax you pay but don’t do anything about it? Do you wonder why some people seem to pay so little tax?

In Fight Back, Tim Wolfe, CPA, teaches you the best tax savings strategies for your situation. All you need are a few good ideas, a simple written plan, and a commitment to act.

Learn how to create your plan and discover the ways you can reduce taxes:

  • During your working years
  • Into retirement
  • Through insurance
  • Through beneficiary planning and post-death distributions

While every taxpayers situation is unique, most Tax strategies follow recurring patterns, so you don't need to reinvent the wheel. In fight back, Tim provides clear action steps, passing on what he has learned from over 40 years as a certified public accountant and Certified Tax Coach. Applying just one idea from this book will reward you with a fantastic return on your investment. Make a positive change to your finances. Take action!

Purchase your copy of Fight Back: Successful Tax-Savings Tips and Strategies to Keep More Money in Your Business, to start planning to save and stop overpaying tax today.