Business Tax Preparation Services

business tax preparation

Most business owners fear tax time because they have chosen to put off their tax issues until they are required to file their returns. With Tax Planning IQ we will work to change that. At Tax Planning IQ you will be guided on the importance of making tax reduction a year round activity. We'll help you to make sure that your business get every tax credit and deduction you are eligible for while instructing you how how to make sure your deductions are audit proof when you properly document your deductions.

Tax Planning IQ specializes in tax saving for all types of business entity types which include S Corps, C Corps, and LLCs. We will also help you to change your business entity type if you are overpaying your income (and possibly even your payroll taxes) with your current entity structure. When you rely on online tax software you might get the numbers in the appropriate boxes but your online software is not going to show you that there is a better way of structuring your business. It is all about keeping more cash in your pocket and not leaving Uncle Sam a tip.

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Small business tax returns:

  • Quicker tax refunds with E-file
  • Multi-state tax returns
  • Timely completion of your return
  • Tax Planning IQ is available all year round to answer IRS and state correspondence and respond to your most important questions and concerns
  • We also prepare trust returns